Matthew is a qualified Hypnotherapist who turned his interest in hypnosis from a hobby in to helping people change their lives. He served over 22 years in the British Army, working in some of the most hostile & extreme environments around the world. After leaving the Army he went on to teaching in the UAE, where he taught local Emirati children.

He has experience in helping people from various walks of life and cultures, helping them get back on their feet. He has seen every emotion imaginable and for this reason use's a content free & direct approach, which works to minimise emotional recall of any event.

Matthew can help you with many life changing treatments, such as Weight Loss, Stopping Smoking, Confidence & Self Esteem, Stress & Anxiety, Fears & Phobias and many more.

Matthew works out of Hampshire & Surrey, if you want to see how he can change your life for the better, contact him without delay.