teenage anxiety

This time of year for teenagers leaving school or starting college is very stressful and anxiety levels rise through the roof. The thought of not getting the grades they need for Uni or college, going to a new College or school, not knowing anybody, making new friends, will everyone like me, where do I go, how do I get there. All these thoughts running through their mind can cause all sorts of issues and concerns.

As a parent/guardian/friend how can you help them or even better help themselves?

Below are a few simple hints:teenage anxiety

  1. Keep away from alcohol
  2. Coffee can be a cause to anxiety, change to decaffeinated tea or water.
  3. Avoid sugary foods.
  4. Use breathing exercises:
    • breath in to the count of 4
    • hold for 3
    • breath out for a count of 4
    • Keep your breaths to 8 or less in one minute.
  5. If you still require help dealing with Anxiety, contact me and using a ground breaking technique I will make you feel better.