Maintaining a healthy weight that you feel comfortable with can be very difficult. You know what you should be eating and should not be eating, but it is hard to make the right choices with will-power alone. Many of us eat for the wrong reasons and not because we are hungry.

You may be taking medication that is contributing to your weight gain or your weight loss, you may work in an environment where food is constantly available, you may have to prepare food for your family which is not the food that you would choose to eat.hypnotized_banner

When eating becomes the primary way of dealing with difficult and uncomfortable feelings it can be easy to lose touch with what our body is telling us i.e. the physical symptoms of hunger. When eating is primarily triggered by the mind and not the body, weight problems can develop.

In extreme cases, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia can develop which seriously affect long term health and well-being.

Hypnotherapy will motivate you to change the way you think about food and weight.

The first thing that I would do is take a case history. The next step would be for me to establish how you feel about yourself and how you feel about food. People are individuals and everyone has their own set of motivations. One person might over-eat to reward themselves, another person might over-eat to punish themselves, someone else might eat because they are bored. It is not always easy to undertand our own behaviour. This is where therapy can provide tremendous insight.

I use cognitive behavioural therapy techniques with inductions, metaphors, NLP techniques, hypnotic suggestion and post-hypnotic suggestions to give you the control you need over the food that you eat. Successfully losing weight or successfully gaining weight requires a level of motivation from you and there is usually some work for you to do at home in the intervening week!